China Personalised Travel Service

If you are looking for an unique and special trip in China; if you are not just looking for a trip but also potential business opportunities (such as investment, buying a property, study, ect.) while travelling; if you want to explore the long history and culture of China; if you want to see the beautiful scenery in China; if you want to experience the hospitality of Chinese people, please feel free to contact us at your own convenience and we will provide you with professional consultancy and services based on both Western and Chinese culture and let you discover your own luxury trip in China.



Five star hotels all the way.


Local specialty cuisine, hotel restaurant meals and local family cooking.


Private/business car.

5C Showreel

P.S. We can personalize the itinerary as per your requirements. If you have gotten tired of normal travel agencies agendas and shopping tours or if you are looking for a really high end trip, feel free to contact us at your convenience. We can guarantee you will have a wonderful time in China, get to see the unique and beautiful scenery in each place and explore the local customs, culture and food rather than just taking some photos at each place you go and taking you to shops all day. We provide a high end services and make sure our clients have a fantastic trip and we are looking forward to taking you to other countries/places around China in the future.