The McLean Family Farm

The McLean Family farm in New Zealand is 80 kilometres south of Napier close to the village of Porangahau.

It is a 405 hectare sheep and cattle property bordering the coast line incorporating a small recreational beach cove.

The farm is ideally situated off the main tourist track to give a genuine look at this type of farming, village community, Maori way of life and history as well as being able to offer a range of holiday activities, hosted by the McLean family and other local people. The Farm has been in the McLean Family name since the end of World War I. Most of the McLean family members have a special respect and fondness for China and the Chinese after most having visited and enjoyed their vast country and people.

The McLean family siblings and in-laws have a wide range of skills, knowledge and local help to be able to show a unique experience at all times guided and helped through the different activities so to maximise their enjoyment for all nationalities.

Activities associated with the farm and Porangahau include:


Enjoy a pleasant afternoon at the challenging 9 hole course by the sea and afterwards perhaps a BBQ by the sea or even a Hangi, prepared by some of our local experts. A hangi is an old Maori way of cooking food with the use of heated rocks and the food being buried underground. It is an art of cooking still practiced and is especially useful when cooking for large numbers, ceremonials, parties etc.


The McLean family is associated with a local polo club where quests can experience playing polo on well trained polo ponies. An expert instructor can provide riding and polo lessons to beginners and they can feel relaxed and enjoy experiencing the thrill of playing polo on horse back.


We have a variety of short and long guided walks.

A three hour cliff walk that takes in the back of the farm walking the edge of spectacular cliffs taking in the vast ever moving ocean.

A three hour beach return trip to Cape Turnagain, the Cape at the top of the picture named by Captain Cook, where he changed his mind and turned his ship about, one of the early discoverers of New Zealand 1769, although Abel Tasman was there 127 years before him.

Then there is the longer six hour hike, over Turnagain Cape to Herbertville. What we call our “Pub Crawl Hike”, as it finishes at a small country Hotel for a well-earned beer and we visit two more such establishments on the drive back to Porangahau


Richard Kibblewhite is the very able Captain of a large tandem boat with many years of experience with fishing of all types. Their speciality would be catch and eat fresh fish, crayfish, fresh shaved tuna with wasabi and soy sauce is also a favourite. A day out with the capable Captain Kibblewhite catching fish on a beautiful day is highly recommended.


Some of the family are very keen hunters and any one of them will be able to take you for a hunt of deer or goats. The catch is then returned to the property where it is cut up and the best tender pieces are put on the hot BBQ and/or stir fried.

Associated with guns and shooting is the clay bird shooting with a 12 gauge shot gun. This is a clay disc released into the air with a spring loaded mechanism and you have to blow it out of the air, a lot of fun.

There will also be the opportunity to shoot all types or rifles at a target, both for sporting competition and to get used to them.

Group Events

The McLean family has a private beach where guests can enjoy a night beach party and barbeque with a large wood fire to create a romantic atmosphere in the starlight night sky.

Horse riding on the beach

The McLean farm has many quiet easy to ride horses that guests can enjoy riding on the beach together accompanied by an expert rider to give riding instructions to unskilled riders. Guests do not need to be expert horse riders as the horses are very quiet and easy to ride so novice riders can enjoy a fun time riding on the beach.

Motor bike riding on the beach

Feel the freedom of the wind in your hair racing along a pristine almost deserted beach, on large four wheeler or two wheel bikes.

Farm tours and shearing demonstration

We can also show you around some of the farms in the area. Most still exist as a Family Farm units, passing from one generation to the next, which has proved very difficult over the years and only the strong and smart survive. It is interesting from that perspective alone to see how they have survived the vagaries of the markets.

Along with the tour we will find a farm that will be shearing their sheep, the mostly twice yearly removal of the wool. It is interesting in that it was in New Zealand that they developed as fast a way possible to get the wool off. In fact they have turned shearing into a thrilling competitive sport.

McLean Farm Showreel