Horse Club

Opiango Hills is an exciting international horse club of 5C's based in Porangahau, New Zealand. The farm breeds horses and has 25 well trained horses for playing polo, horse trekking, and horse riding. Also, Opiango Hills offers a full range of services for buying horses and transporting horses overseas for clients on their behalf.

The Opiango Hills coloured horse is distinctive. It originated from a blood line started by Turoa Kuru (original owner of Opiango) 20 years ago with a stallion from Tautane Station which is a large station in the area. The coloured bred was introduced for their generally quiet nature and easy to ride characteristics. We also spend a lot of time with them assessing their capabilities and personality, so that we can provide a suitable match for each rider.


Opiango Hills has been endeavoring to carry on training techniques, developing both horses and riders into polo players. The 5C’s Managing Director(James McLean) is known as a very good and professional horse rider and polo player. He started horse riding when he was 3 years old and has over 50 years horse riding and over 20 years polo playing experience. In November 2013, James represented New Zealand at the Press Conference for the Snow Polo World Cup 2014 in Tianjin and did the Tournament Draw for New Zealand. Also, James attended the beach polo tournament in Broome, Australia in May 2013. He liked it so much that he decided to organize 5C’s own beach polo tournament in Porangahau, New Zealand. The tournament was held on 31/12/2013 and was an amazing success. This was the first ever beach polo tournament to be staged in New Zealand. The event was covered by New Zealand TV, newspaper and magazines. Now the beach polo tournament will be held by 5C on 31/12 each year.

Horse trekking and horse riding

Opiango Hills has the distinctive steep hills and the Progangahau beach and river on which to exercise horses. Horses trained in this environment are very quiet, easy to ride and trustworthy. Opiango Hills has been offering visitors to the areas the opportunity of exploring the country side on horses back for years, and has gained a well-earned reputation for providing memorable horse riding in this stunning part of New Zealand. With over 25 horses of various breeds, knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides and a wealth of experience, Opiango Hills is able to provide great riding for all levels of rider. Treks can be as easy or as challenging as you want to make then. We can lead riders for the whole trek or provide plenty of opportunities to cut loose! Our treks are family-friendly and suitable for children as well. Clients are constantly amazed at the condition and quality of our horses and the beauty that surrounds us. Most say they have never experienced better. We hope that you will join us and agree.


Opiango Hills has a very experienced professional training team based in New Zealand. We offer a full variety of training for playing polo, horse trekking and horse riding and it can be one trainer to one trainee, or one trainer to one team. The Mongolian national polo team, Aborigine players from Australian and a young English player sent by the Hurlingham Polo Association from England are all training at Opiango this polo season - November to March 2014. They will all train with Opiango and play polo for the Wanstead Polo Club. 5C’s MD, James McLean will continue to attend polo matches, horse racing and equestrian events around the world to learn and exchange the most advanced ideas and techniques, to ensure Opiango Hills keeps improving.

We warmly welcome any one to join us at our international horse club in New Zealand. If you are a good rider,we can make you better and much more professional; if you are a beginner or have no experience at all, we can help you to be a good rider. Our main goal is to let everyone have an unforgettable experience, feel the freedom and exhilaration of seeing some of the beautiful untouched corners of New Zealand riding Opiango Hills beautiful horses and have a wonderful relaxing time in New Zealand.

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