New Zealand Personalised Travel Service

If you are looking for an unique personalized trip in New Zealand (NZ); if you are not just looking for a trip but you are looking for potential business opportunities (such as investment, business partner, buying a property, training, study, ect.) while travelling; if you want to get your wedding photos to taken in NZ, get your wedding to held in NZ, and spend a romantic honeymoon holiday in NZ; if you want to take your children to NZ for special summer/winter camping; if you want to cook with local farm fresh produce and relax in this natural beauty; if you want to experience a variety of private SPA treatments in NZ; if you want to do the sight-seeing of the beautiful untouched corners of NZ, please feel free to contact us at your own convenience , we have been born from a desire to create the most exceptional local hospitality experience for the world’s most discerning travellers. Truly worlds apart, considerate, capable, credible, elegant and unique in every possible way. Sharing qualities as defining as the vision that created them, we will always recommend the most suitable tours and activities to suit your individual needs and interests based on both Western and Chinese culture and let you discover the unforgettable and wonderful trip in NZ.

Private McLean Farm

Huge opportunity for recreational pursuits abound- from the legendary trout fishing, to golf, hunting, hiking, motor biking ridding on the beach, shearing demonstration, BBQ on the beach or in the garden and sightseeing -smoothe your spirit and enrich your very being. Take some time away from modern living to feel at one with nature and with each other.

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Private Horse Club

Playing polo, horse riding, horse trekking and horse racing;

Luxury Golf Club

Experience the world’s best golf club courses, and enjoy access to exceptionally sought-after tournaments and events, as well as exclusive offers from golf. Enjoy the stunning setting of the Pacific Ocean while playing the top New Zealand golf course. On the par 71 golf course, it will challenge golfers of all skill levels. At this private golf club, nothing is a problem and there is nothing like it anywhere in the world!

Private Beach

The huge private beach offers plenty of opportunities to partake in water activities, it also provide unspoiled scenery and excellent swimming. Our chef can provide you a very nice picnic lunch and you can do the BBQ on the beach at night.

Private Winery

We can arrange a personal tour of the cellars along with a private wine tasting. This is a fantastic way to learn about the winemaking process in a relaxed and friendly environment. You can also try to make the wine on your own. We can customize the wine bottle if required, then you can bring the special wine back to China to share with your loved family and friends.

Private Animal Farm

Get in amongst the pet sheep, learn about the different breeds of sheep, experience milking a cow, get acquainted with a pet pig and feed the pet animals. The animal farm also offers the wool and shearing show, where you can watch sheep getting shorn using modern and historical ways of shearing. You can also see sheep dog and wood chopping demonstrations.

Private Agrotechnology Park

Food tours will give you the opportunity to meet the local producers of cheese, olive oils and orchard fruit and taste their products. You can see the source of the fresh produce quality vegetables at the garden; You can also pick your own apples, peaches, strawberries, plums, kiwi fruit, ect.

Honey Research Centre

You are welcome to explore the interactive facility, taste a range of delicious honey and honey products and learn about the fascinating life of the honey bee. You can also talk about the import business with the honey owner if you are interested.

Study opportunities

Short/long term study for your children while on holiday. They can study in the local school with the children of 5C’s family friends for a few days or weeks (the time will be depending on your requirement). Also, they can do some meaningful and innovative activities and play/practice their hobbies, e.g. playing football, basketball, rugby, polo, international chess, musical instruments, horse riding, hiking, swimming, reading, making their own toys or playing their toys together with local children. If required, we can invite our friends who are professional teachers to teach your children in our private home and let them experience the totally different atmosphere.

Training opportunities

You can find your personal coach from the 5C’s professional training team while you are on holiday in NZ, the training opportunities from polo, to horse riding, horse trekking, golf, trout fishing, diving, photograph and cooking.

Let you feel like a home in NZ

We guarantee you will feel like home away from home or feel like visiting your old friends in NZ. When you arrive in NZ, your friends who have extensive knowledge of this country will provide a very unique ‘Kiwi’ experience and let you know the ‘real’ NZ! NZ is a beautiful country in every way-a trip of a ‘lifetime’. When you arrive home (our own farm houses) in NZ, some neighbours will come to visit you and they will take you to explore the local customs and culture with the 5C family members and interact with some other local people and get to know their lives.

Experience Polynesian SPA , Helicopter tour and local adventure activities

Polynesian SPA, Helicopter tour, Sky jump, Sky dive, Bungy jump, Rafting, 4WD Adventures, Jet boat ride, Clay target shooting, Quad bike, Segway, Paintball, ect.

Personal professional photographer

Our professional photographer (he is also our local experienced guide and one of 5C’s family members) will take you to the places that are the best for photo opportunities and help you to take photos all the way and record your every beautiful moment in NZ. If you are a fan of photographer, warmly welcome to communicate, exchange ideas and share experience with our professional photographer to get great shots together in NZ;

Personal interpreter/travel manager

Our experienced personal interpreter/travel manager will be serving for you all the time, and we can guarantee that you will have no language barrier in NZ. We will ensure your maximum enjoyment.

Most these special resources are exclusive to 5C. If the resource you want is not mentioned above, please feel free to let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you to make it happen by using our many connections in NZ.


Five star hotel/Platinum private lodge/beach house/local 5 star family private house.


Local specialty cuisine, hotel restaurant meals and local home-made delicious items.


Business car /Private car/Camper Van/Helicopter flight/ Yacht.

5C Showreel

P.S. We can personalize the itinerary as per your requirements. If you have gotten tired of normal travel agencies agendas and shopping tours or if you are looking for a really high end trip, feel free to contact us at your convenience. We can guarantee you will have a wonderful time in NZ, get to see the unique and beautiful scenery in each place and explore the local customs, culture and food rather than just taking some photos at each place you go and taking you to shops all day. We provide a high end services and make sure our clients have a fantastic trip and we are looking forward to taking you to other countries in the future.